Social Media

Funny old business 'Social Media'; on the surface it's all photos of what people had for lunch and drunken pics from Ibiza but actually, it's possibly THE most powerful tool for businesses since the invention of the website.

We hear, "We know we should be using Social Media but don't really know how" all the time and our reply is, "don't worry, just leave it all to us".

We'll manage your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We'll put on your product launches, your special offers. We'll help you create conversations and join them too and get you going in those areas which will work best for you

We'll get you going in those areas which will work best for you. 

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Film & Photography

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words and you only need to Google 'Online Video Marketing' to see how important engaging quality visual material  is in any campaign.

The problem is, that these days, everyone who buys a DSLR or Video camera thinks that they're professional - there's nothing to it, right? Sadly, all too often we get called to companies who have called in the chap with the new DSLR who has produced terrible results and then wonder why the customers have stopped coming. We not only have the very best equipment - more importantly - we have professional experience in using it to get your project right first time.

Many businesses we've spoken to think video is such a big ticket item that they can't afford to take the plunge. We'll show you how you can afford to use promotional films regularly and effectively to communicate with your customers.

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The thing about design is that it's personal. Really personal. It's not what about WE like but about what YOU like and so that's why, before we start designing, we find out about you, your project, your business and your loves and hates! Only then can we start to come up with a design that floats your boat!

Have a little peek at some of the stuff in the gallery above to see some projects that we've been involved with before and then, please, give us a call and let us start to get to know you!

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